COP28 Dubai UAE Kickoff Meeting

2023 ESG Digital Assets

during COP28

During COP28 in Dubai, on DEC 10th, 2023 we hosted the first ever ESG Digital Assets event to incubate a positive future for ESG Technology.

We are on a mission to revolutionize ESGs, and provide an event series that helps companies and investors who are interested in ESGs, to meet with digital asset providers to accelerate progress in Regenerative Finance. 

ESG Digital Assets will continue the event series with Virtual & In-Person meetings. Offering a opportunity to produce positive impact for Planet & People, and support ESG innovation around the world. 

ESG Digital Assets events are dedicated to the idea that brands can work together to make a difference today, and use ESG strategies and digital assets to improve people’s lives and the planet’s health.

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Making ESG Digital Assets Conference Possible

Great events take great partners to be made possible. A special thank you goes to the following brands for helping to bring together innovators for shaping the future of ESGs and Digital Assets.

If you are interested in contributing towards future events, we want to hear from you.

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